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Embodied Intuitive Free Challenge

A morning Practice to focus the ungrounded Intuitive

5 days of a 30 min. morning practice
(Starting at 5:55 a.m Is Encouraged)
Saera & The Invisibles will guide you through
Exercises, visualization and rituals each morning
designed to help one get clear on your "divine agenda"

In this free training you will...

Design your own sustainable "Nourishing discipline" strategies

Explore Inner Sight techniques to uncover answers, direction and clarity from within

Create space to listen and receive relevant guidance from your Spirit Mentors

Renew your Souls vows with your body and this Planet

Teacher, Ambassadress of the Unseen
Intuitive Expression Coach

I have been exploring my fascination with the Great Mystery since a child through years of paranormal experiences. Currently, I live on a small Island in Canada with my husband and daughter, where we steward the beautiful Orchestra farm.


My passion for the complex nature of the Soul has led me to teaching and supporting clients in over 8 countries with theirs. From touring, teaching online & in-person course on Energetic Hygiene, offering weekly online community readings "Ask The Invisibles" (on our 93rd!), hosting Monthly New Womb rituals or sharing my own transformative modality Deep Soul Journeys.

 You can find me on the dance floor, holding ritual space, singing in otherworldly languages or communing with plants.

Are you ready to create the space for YOU

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