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Pathways Fall Tour 2018!

Do you wish to participate in any of the following ways?

Host a class or Group Channeling?

Help promote?

Have connections to share?

Receive a private in-person session?

Want to collaberate?


Offerings along the path

Last years Needed Wisdom Tour had me & The Invisibles traverse the West Coast of Canada all the way to Santa Cruz California, teaching and offering group channelings in 6 cities! It took alot of planning, perseverance, and trust and again we aim to follow the same trail carved before.



Communication with the Unseen requires the willingness to be flexible and creative with the medium of conversation as they use many mediums of expression such as visions, art, music, one's surroundings etc. Saera Burns shares seven techniques used to develop One's connection with guidance and visions from Spirit Mentors and dormant ancestral wisdom. Participants will be guided using a  oracle deck that travels through each of these Pathways of Connection in the order she developed them from childhood to her current life work as a clairvoyant and Channeler



  • -Creating space for visions & encounters with Spirit Guides

  • -Remembering your Soul's Core language

  • -Energetic hygiene boundaries with Spirits

  • -Deciphering messages

  • -Channeled Q&A

  • -Exploring Pathways Oracle deck


 8-25 participants

2 hours/ $25 early bird or  $30 at door




Touring from Canada as an Ambassadress of the Unseen, Channeler of a group of passionate, playful Spirit Mentors called The Invisibles. Entering into a conscious trance she allows these Teachers to interact and share wisdom & perspectives.

  • MP3 recordings available upon request

  • Process Video and write-up CLICK HERE

  • 6-15 people

  • 1-2 hr

By donation (if gifted venue) or $10-15/person

Bring questions for yourself,  humanity or the Planet.




So, are you ready to join the journey?

Want to be part of the tour in some way?

Share how with Saera!

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