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Acceptance & Validation

I write this as a being who has been called to #bravely trust beyond logic or reason. As I continue to follow the course of my souls design for this planet, I must understand that insecurities and doubts are but opportunities to re-assess my lense, and re-focus with my core #truth. For during these times of new dangers there are also more safe havens, more support and structure for us to shine!

 It is all of you who have shown acceptance of me in my wildness, my explosive creativity, my spiraling songs, my otherworldly tongues, my old soul stitching herself into fresh eyes remembering she is still young. Yes the gifts within me may spark the life of the ones within you and without feeling accepted or at least sparking interest~my magic may have kept contained between few, instead I dare to share.

 It is not that I must have external validated in my actions to continue, but surely a little goes a long way in keeping the flames of inspiration lit. So I explore this iceberg tip down, coming to surface to find many waiting to hear and taste of the depths I have Seen.

 Thank you for any forms of acceptance & validation that you have offered to others walking the fresh path. Any encouragement you have supported others during their times of doubt in themselves. Each of us unique in our splendor  can have space for a little reminder that we are loved, appreciated, and needed on this planet.

Lions listen to the pack and the bee needs direction from the hive.

 Mahalo for all those on my path who encouraged me to taste my Soul and share my flavour to this epic elixir we all be ingredients in!

~blessings to the core~


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