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Califlora Flames

The #water of rivers and streams has no shadow that cannot engulf thee. Take no leaves from their branch but gracefully receive the fallen memories of a season past- drifting unto further shores. I cannot calm the flames that blaze eternally within the passion and scorch serenity with retribution for days left un-lived. Gracefully choosing to weep before rage, yet glistening to the sullen sounds of a dream torn from the roots and given in swift sweep to whomever can take it far from home.

These days the rain did not come to land like dew upon the roofs, this day not a shadow was to be quenched by the thunder clouds of mercy. For flames burnt until ash was all the wind could speak through. Soaring high beyond words of grief, disbelief and the shake from the last grain of sand to mark the end of a cycle.

 May the spirits of all the lives transformed, seeds turned charcoal, memories once held in form, and dreams built upon the land- sleep deeply and lay to rest in gentle caress of waters cooling ebb.

 The water of rivers and streams shines the flicker of challenge like moonlight upon her. For even water blends and bends the suns radiant reflection onto herself. These days call for the blending and bending to the radiant prayers of this planet

Gentle streams.

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