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Committing to Availability

Blessed Solstice wake dears~

I have been buzzing with this teaching!

Routine in tandem with committing to following through and showing up for what I have agreed to do is key for me right now. Even if I show up disheveled, weary or dismayed! Reminding myself not through logic but having a tangible experience of what opportunities, experiences and energy makes itself available when we take these steps towards our passions. To cultivate and reap any harvest there is generally foresight, decisions made, and effort put in towards such goal. Get specific with yourself regarding your goals, even if they feel barely visible or reasonable.

When? Give yourself a date!

What steps? Commit to a certain amount of hours/days etc.. you will focus on this! Your how will begin to reveal itself the more space you alot to exploring your desires.

Sweetest day or night or in between

Saera & The Invisibles~~

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