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Elemental Indoor Playground

To honour the Faery Queen this Beltane I decided to share a practice dear to me, creating elemental playgrounds! I encourage creating a space in your home or work place upon where the elementals may feel welcomed and respected. Consider it a mini ecosystem that can support connection and play between the unseen allies. I have shared pictures of my office ecosystem and would love to see what you create. Below are some ideas to integrate into your realm, remember to have fun let the inner child steer this creation!


Lighting a candle in the space you create allows the elementals to speak and play with the flickering flame.


One of my favourite toys for the air elementals are dangling feathers on strings from trees, they just love it! Watch the feather swirl in delight.


Consider integrating a terrarium into your playground. Bring in some moss, succulents, and any sweet little stones. Give them a spritz every now and then enjoy!


Moving fountains are wonderful additions to your elemental playground. Or simply keep some fresh water in a shell etc..

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