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Healers Hold Back

Have you found yourself holding back more then you used to from offering healing, consoling, guidance to your loved ones, clients, family recently? Was there a time in your life that you felt like you were in such grace with listening to your internal guidance, and now feel disconnected and at a loss which direction to progress towards?

This is a recurring theme that I have been witnessing and want to shine an extraordinarily luminous light of observation on! I call this a “Healer Hold Back” and have dug deep to peer into the root of this finding the following!

There is but a chance within every moment to explore the truth of your expression. A thousand questions and theoretical answers constantly deciding your actions before you can even get to ponder your response! The following are examples of Hold Back answers.

To love? : My love could be rejected, misunderstood, or open the gateway to so much pain. To listen to my instincts?: I could listen to my instincts but they do not understand logic and thus are not reliable in the tangible world. To offer my intuitive guidance?: I’m not clear enough what if I stray someone in an unhealthy direction and must take responsibility for the outcome. To give healing therapeutic touch?: I shouldn’t, who knows what they will think my intentions are or worse be unfulfilling. To create a business?: How can I validate the investment of time and resources without having proof I am needed in this way.

Of course near the root of many Hold Back questions is doubt, fear, lack of self-esteem but the true root is the origin in one's life that this occurred, when these protective belief mechanisms were put in place. Track your story your memories or drop into a place of deep listening and let your answers surface like oil on water.

Making The conscious choice to skim the surface and dispose of the residue that has been clouding your instincts.

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