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Liberation through failure


   I write on this glorious day on the wake of the Libra New Moon I feel called to share this teaching alive within me. There are times in my life that I can jump on the Wave blindly and let my natural instincts carry me. However it has become clear that assuming such grace is the result of being daring isn't always the case. Just because I can focus, build, create and steer life in the direction I desire doesn't alot for the outcome always being harmonious. The lesson comes in strategy and observations of greater rhythms. Like a surfer learns the pulses of the ocean to choose when to dip beneath or commit to the curl.

 So I began to explore what does it mean for One's desires to be in "alignment" with the Whole?

I ask you this to ponder

How do you know when to stop urging life in a direction?

What great revelations have come from letting go of a desired outcome?

What I have learned is that there is a foundation needed to support Everything, whether be belief, physical plane laws, relationships etc.. Each project or venture in life requires a unique platform to hold it into existence, some easier then others. Many of my previous endevours have been designed to be held solely my Yours Truly and in that proved attainable. However recently I desire for more dynamic offerings & experiences that can only thrive once placed in the hands of the Collective.

So here's to honoring what is needed to truly give the best opportunity for Sustainability in what you seek.

For more on this topic explore EPISODE #65

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