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Money at the helm

This a a story about how a woman learned to love and respect money.

 She remembers her treasured walks to school in downtown Toronto, with a pack of neighbourhood kids and their noble quest. Pennies and dimes in hand they would join piggy bank forces and buy as much penny candy possible to split between 5 children… with 15 cents. She remembers the sheer joy and thrill, but most importantly watching the children who went to the Private School nearby hand the cashier $5 and walk away with their loot all for themselves.

When tracking the root of your beliefs you must remember the feeling, and this feeling was pity. For she pitied the children who couldn’t know the joys and pleasure of sharing because they had all they needed. A small seed within her sang:

“Being poor created more happiness and appreciation”

  This belief soon grew into a sapling, and every time she heard her parents arguing over money it was watered. She decided that the “less her parents could spend on her, the happier everyone would be”. She prided herself on her Thrift Store Couture and when she longed for a unique style in her $20 budget her determination taught her to sew, up-cycle and alter. The belief took a new leaf which was.

“Being poor makes me more creative”

 As she turned 16 and equipped with the urge to need less, she was drawn into the circuit of Train Hoppers, Street kids, and travelling gypsy folk all of whom shared a powerful skill : How to survive on little to no money at all. She mastered dumpster diving to supply her food, and started to join squats (living in abandoned buildings) giving her home, and took up hitch-hiking and riding the rails for transportation, libraries & music around the fire as entertainment. She learned quickly that without money most urban places were entirely inaccessible so she left the cities and created shelters in the forests with other waywards. The next leaf sprouted and it said

Being poor creates community that needs one another

Well this lifestyle had her drop out of school, took her across 3 countries and 5 years she roamed wild and footloose. Regal in the abundance that came with trusting her instincts, praying to the dumpster gods, and letting the winds of change guide her. She found herself on a tropical island of Hawaii after spending all the money she had saved from sewing projects and presents, arriving with $5 and an abundance of trust! This Island attracted many like her and with many work-trade opportunities and eventually an artist live & work scholarship, fruit dripping off trees, gardens overflowing, she was set! Finally the tree grew its first flower and the belief shone to the world.

“I have all I need without money!”

However this now 22 year old was in for a new kind of ride. For all the confidence and support she saw and felt was enough to fortify that she was ready to bring a child into the world. So with great enthusiasm her and her partner conceived her daughter and chose to have an un-assisted birth and continue the cycle of not needing financial support for a mid-wife to live her life. Her partner had also “retired” from working and both their carefree nature was about to get shaken. As this now 8 month pregnant girl was attempting to hitchhike home up the mountain in the blazing sun, it hit her. Enough was enough she needed a car, and with that need her whole structure of belief began to quiver. For a car meant she needed money, not only to purchase the car but as a continuous cycle and the flower began to wilt and deep within her a seed once dormant began to pulse with life, the heartbeat sung.

Money is helpful

Well that seed continued to grow with the birth of her daughter and as the need to commit to the material world grew. They built a home out of pallets, screen, recycled tin roofing, plywood, and tarps but soon this new mother knew that this lifestyle, this Island could not house her family's potential because she now knew.

I desire  money to have the lifestyle and opportunities my family needs to thrive.”

Well the moment that new seed grew to the surface it was clear everything needed to change. How she thought, who she chose to be surrounded with, how she chose to live her life, and most importantly that..

“I am worthy of the opportunities, experiences, choices that money is a conduit towards”

This woman is now 28 years old and with all the abundance in home, her daughter's education, transportation, stoked kitchen, garden beds pulsing with potential. But as she sees financially unattainable opportunities of personal development, mentorship, training, and travel pass her by. As she sees impoverished villages, friends in need, people unable to afford medication, natural disaster devastation it has become very clear.

Money allows me to be of greater service

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