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Our choices reverberate from the beliefs inherited, established or chosen from free will in this life. These choices are happening every thought, action, desire and how we aim our focus. Yes the choices of others pose a very real effect upon us and the world at large. It is of uptmost importance that we remember that our daily votes for this planets outcome are being counted and observed by the swing of balance. Results of the US election, and the forces driving the Dakota Pipeline are very tangible examples of enough choosing to swing the pendulum in that direction of Creation.

    Yet the opposing force towards another direction of Creation is possibly even louder and more beautiful. All these votes are being counted. Remembering that there is a wound, and it is deep and festering upon this planet. Each can play our role as Earth Steward Medics carrying a great responsibility. To trully diagnose and treat an ailment you must learn it and know of the direction it is heading to gage if your treatments are working. Yet as a healer who knows the journey of spiritual healing, sometimes a sickness is being purged from the core where it has been hiding and unadressed. During this purge is when the outward manifestation is the loudest. Know and believe we are in the face of the great purging from the core out. Sometimes our bodies hold off diving into sickness until they beleive that the space or time for healing is available.. or will be forced as a priority.

    Stregnth to wherever you come from and listen closely to where you seek to be going, and even closer at anything within you which is trying to convince you that is not possible.

                                          Bright honest blessings Saera Burns

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