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Prioritizing the mundane

The plenty in our lives can easily show the lack in other areas of our lives by how we care for it. You see even with the abundance of food, objects, tools there can still be a lack of prioritizing whats needed to maintain and keep fresh these responsibilities. I once lived on a farm where many put sweat and diligence into the garden, the plants grew and when it was time for harvest and to enjoy the plenty.... well few desired to process the food. Much went to waste and some ended up eating nothing because they chose to prioritize what was easy and store bought.

     I realize in my life there are aspects of the mundane that I can so eagerly pass over as though they are irrelevant to the mission of my calling. Though the more I understand how the physical realm is a manifestation of my internal world or dilemma's I can see how all these fine details add up. For every corner of stagnation in my home shows an aspect of myself that I cannot care for. I have found when I am in right relation with taking care of my body, through exercise, my mind through meditation, my spirit through dance the details seem to smooth themselves out with ease.

   So I encourage you to find an area of your home (if applicable) that holds the vibration of "I'll get to it when I have more time. I have better things to do with my attention etc..." and well m'dear get to it! Get to it like it's the absolute most important task on your agenda. Because sometimes it really is the last expression of what screw really needs tightening so that your life can run smoothly.

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