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Receiving to Give more

It has been 2 years since my first post I made on #Patreon and I officially have opened it to the public on my birthday last week. I remembered what inspired me to get that fire lit, and what discouraged me from continuing seems foggy and abstract. Blocks can be like that almost untangeble yet highly effective!

   I would love to hear of your stories around receiving break throughsweather in your offerings or connections. I'm not fully through this one, but being able to share this site with you is HUGE for me getting there.

  Also this pre-launch is to encourage any feedback from my closer crew of supporters regarding perks I havent listed that would be more enticing. Along with what direction (see Patreon  for all my projects) you would like to see me focus on. 

Thank you for being an inspiring and encouraging person in my life!


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