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Pathways of Connection with the Unseen

Purposeful guidance and visons from your Spirit Mentors


Saera Burns shares techniques she has used to develop her connection with her Spirit Mentors and ancestral wisdom. These practices can provide a training platform to strengthen one's trust in the experiences that psychic development bring. By seeing our sensitivities as gateways to deepening our capacity to be of service when alligned with intention.




    • Creating space for visions & encounters with Spirit Guides

    • Remembering your Soul's Core language

    • Energetic hygiene boundaries with Spirits

    • Deciphering messages

  • Channelled Q&A


8-25 participants
2 hours/ $25 early bird or  $30 per person

Energetic Hygiene Foundation Class

Its not mine, what next?


Saera Burns is teaching techniques, tools, and perspectives that can assist in navigating energies affecting us that are not ours. Specifically designed to support empaths and psychically inclined beings to make clear decisions and take confident actions towards desires and life goals, regardless of projections and energetic complexities.




    • Core empathic nature personality test

    • Energetic cords between people

    • Addressing misqualified energies (entities)

    • Alternatives to shielding, dissociation, fueling others needs

  • Q&A with Invisibles


8-25 participants
4 hours/ $40-$60 per person
Workbook included

Want to host a workshop in your area?

Reach out, lets see what we can make happen!

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